Some ways that Tipple Tree Beya likes to be environmentally friendly…


Composting - We provide composting containers for guest rooms


Refilling water bottles -  saves throwing away plastic


Water saving toilets installed - 1 litre bottles of water are then also placed in the tanks in order to save even more water on a flush


Water saving showers installed - and hot showers are on demand


100% cotton towels and sheets - blends of cotton and synthetic fabrics aren't sustainable because of their reliance on petrochemicals


Linens and towels changed on request - by not laundering daily we reduce water and energy consumption


Air drying laundry - saves energy and we have the perfect climate for it


Non toxic cleaners are used


Toiletries - Unfinished shampoos, repellents etc are not thrown away, they are collected and used in the village


Energy saving light bulbs - are used where they can give enough light. Unfortunately with the natural woods of our rooms this is not always possible as the wood absorbs most of the light produced, but they are used where possible


Exterior lights - are either energy saving or low wattage bulbs


Bottle recycling - beer and soft drink bottles are recycled. Rum bottles are reused in the village for bottling coconut oil


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